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Stories of sexual violence and recovery from survivors, allies, and activists. Host: Dean Trippe
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Oct 15, 2016

Stephanie grew up to marry the love of her life and have three wonderful children. When her daughter Madison was six years old, the family moved in with Stephanie’s parents, who were well-respected in their community.

But as Madi told us herself last episode, that time became a secret nightmare of sexual abuse at the hands of a man no one suspected was a danger to children: her own grandfather, a retired police officer, Stephanie’s dad.

This week, I also took a few moments to share some news: Kelly Oxford's #notokay, the State of California abolishing the statute of limitations on rape cases, and the new Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights, signed into law this week by President Obama.


This podcast features stories of sexual violence and recovery from survivors, allies, and activists, with host, author and illustrator, Dean Trippe. (

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